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all natural and good for your health

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Delefresh farms is a Nigerian Agricultural company located in Epe, Lagos, Nigeria. We are producers and suppliers of different farm produce which includes Poultry Chickens, Pork, Catfish, Pigs and Cucumber. At Delefresh farms, we make conscious effort in every production to exceed the expectations of our customers. Quality assurance and effective production management are some of our strengths.

Poultry Farms

We raise birds commercially, primarily for meat and eggs but also for feathers. 

Vegetable Farms

We grow different types of vegetables commercially – tomatoes, cucumber etc

Pig Farms

We raise pigs commercially, primarily for meat and pig by products. 

all natural and good for your health


Delefresh farms is an Agricultural company that produces produces and sell Agricultural products.

Our Mission

To enrich and sustain Agricultural production in Nigeria by producing edible and organic vegetables and livestock.

Our Belief

We sincerely believe in our farm produces. Further, we strongly believe that healthy and delicious vegetables will never run out of patrons. In fact, customers satisfaction concerns us way more.

Our Vision

To become the world’s biggest agricultural company providing quality products and investment opportunities